10 evil humans in the anime who ultimately lost their humanity


Anime villains who commit vile atrocities are quite common, but only a few literally become monsters that mirror their actions and beliefs. Whether through black magic or science, these villains have truly embraced their evil sides.

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While some of these villains are actually more tragic than malicious, others have always been monsters to begin with. Either way, they became one with their inner darkness and never looked back.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

ten Afro Samurai – Jinno got lost for revenge and became Kuma

In more ways than one, Jinno is Afro’s foil. As well as being childhood friends, they were the students and foster sons of the Swordmaster, or former headband wearer number two. Wanting revenge, Afro killed the sword master to get the blindfold. This in turn condemned Jinno to follow his own path of revenge against Afro.

Like Afro, Jinno butchered many to avenge his dead. During the present of the anime, Jinno lost so much of his old self that he was reborn as robotic samurai Kuma, who went from a rival motivated by revenge to a stupid killer at the time of the quote. Afro Samurai: Resurrection. Kuma has finally regained some humanity, just in time to save his old Afro friend.

9 Blade Of The Immortal (2019) – Shira’s monstrosity has become more evident over time

Shira Shows Off Her New Weapon In Blade Of The Immortal

Even before working for the secret government assassins, the Mugai-Ryu, Shira was already a monster. Contrary to his knowledge, Shira was a sadist who enjoyed killing and torturing his targets or anyone he liked. His veneer of humanity cracked when he fought Manji, with whom he felt a twisted connection.

After each fight, Shira came back a little less human. Not only did he lose his arm to Manji and turn his arm bone into a sword, he also obtained imperfect versions of the Bloodworms granting immortality after fusing his stump with Manji’s severed hand. Shira was not killed for good until after Manji quartered her and left her to the wild dogs.

8 Ajin: Demi-Human – Sato kissed evil for fun

Sato prepares to reappear in Ajin Demi Human

The titular Ajins are almost immortal people thanks to the bizarre Invisible Black Material (IBM), or spirit-like entities that only Ajins can see. Due to their immortal nature, the Ajin are feared and oppressed, to the point that some are tortured for supposed reasons of science and defense. Sato rebelled against this, at least that’s what he claimed.

At first glance, Sato was a kind old man who seemed to truly defend the Ajins’ future, albeit fiercely. This facade slowly shattered, as Sato was truly a sadistic monster who wanted to wage war between Ajin and humans for fun. In the end, Sato was deliberately causing gratuitous carnage for the authorities to react in force – which he saw as a fun challenge.

7 JoJo’s bizarre adventure – Dio rejected his humanity for power

Dio rejects his humanity in JoJos Bizarre Adventure

Dio has always been an evil kid, but he took things to the next level towards the end of the first one. Jojo bow, Ghost blood. When he got his hands on the Mythic Stone Mask, Dio intentionally used it on himself, knowing full well that it would turn him into a vampire. In fact, he proudly proclaimed that he was throwing away his humanity in exchange for power.

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When the Stone Mask took effect, Dio only got worse. Not only was he as manipulative and sadistic as ever, but he now had vampiric powers, technical immortality, and a stand (the world that stops time) at his disposal. The hot-tempered Jotaro Kujo defeated DIO, but it was almost a century after he first gained his powers.

6 One Piece – Baron Omatsuri let Lily Carnation merge with him

Lily Carnation reveals herself in One Piece Baron Matsuri and the Secret Island

When the Straw Hats first met Baron on the Sixth A play movie Baron Matsuri and the Secret Island, he looked like any other eccentric captain, only with a strange flower perched on his shoulder. The horrible truth is that not only is the flower – Lily Carnation – sensitive, but it has biologically fused with the baron’s body.

The Baron let this happen, as Lily had the power to cast realistic illusions which he then used to recreate his dead teammates and transform the isolated island he was stuck on into his man-eating realm. When Lily revealed herself in the final fight, she was a monstrous flower with fleshy appendages made from the still living but petrified Straw Hats.

5 Bleach – Kaien Shiba was Aaroniero Arruruerie’s bag of meat

When Rukia Kuchiki faced off against the ninth member of the Strange Espada, she was surprised to find that Masked Hollow was actually Kaien, her former captain who she said died in action years ago. However, the truth was much worse: Kaien was indeed killed by a Hollow, but his assassin then used his corpse as a morbid disguise.

Aaroniero not only absorbs the bodies of their prey, but also their memories and powers. Before Aaroniero unleashed their real selves, they used Kaein’s identity to lull Rukia into a false sense of security. By the end of the fight, what was left of Kaien’s old self was gone, leaving behind a pair of Gillian Hollows floating in a tank atop a humanoid body.

4 Akira – Tetsuo Shima was consumed by Akira’s divine powers

Tetsuo loses control of his body in Akira

While he was Akira’s chosen vessel, Tetsuo could barely contain Akira’s divine being. To be clear, Tetsuo not only had Akira’s powers, but the divine being himself was slowly reforming inside Tetsuo’s body. For a while, Tetsuo was able to harness Akira’s power, which he then used in revenge for Neo-Tokyo’s callous cesspool.

Tetsuo’s divinity came to an end when he lost what little control he had over Akira and became an inhuman amalgam of ever-growing flesh and metal. This was Akira’s doing, for his power was now on such a scale that it could only be contained by something that transcended human limitations.

3 Berserk – Griffith was born again as the fifth member of the divine hand

Griffith becomes femto in Berserk

The ultimate tragedy of the already dark Berserk is that Griffith, Guts’ closest friend and possibly more, was destined to become an apostle even before the two were born. This was dictated by the Hand of God, who ensured that Griffith picked up the Behelit and activated it shortly after his escape from the tortured dungeons of Midland.

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Determined to reclaim her former beauty and fulfill her childhood dream of founding a kingdom, Griffith sacrificed the Falcon Band during the Eclipse to become the divine fifth hand, Femto. Although he ended both the 1997 anime and the subsequent film trilogy as the Demonic God, Griffith was now a far cry from the man Guts and Casca once loved.

2 Psycho-Pass – The Sibyl System is more of an algorithm than a human think tank

The Sibyl system is revealed in Psycho Pass

In the mind blowing Psycho-Pass, Japanese society lives in blissful ignorance, as everything from job hunting to criminal justice is taken care of by an algorithm called The Sibyl System. What a privileged few do know, however, is that Sibyl is not a cold, calculating artificial intelligence, but a mind of a hive of disembodied brains.

Worse, these brains belong to criminally asymptomatic people or, quite simply, to sociopaths. Convinced of their self-sufficiency and believing themselves to be the one thing that holds society together, the members of Sibyl have all sacrificed their individuality and their humanity in a sense that is both abstract and literal to impose their morals on the country.

1 The Fate Series – Angra Mainyu became evil incarnate and corrupted the holy grail

Angra becomes all the evils of the world in Fate Zero

Before becoming the Servant known as the Avenger, Angra was a normal villager in ancient Persia. One day his neighbors chose him to be their ritual scapegoat, meaning he was now the embodiment of evil and they tortured him for the sake of their religion. The villagers did not realize that their prayers would be answered in the worst possible way.

In the Third Holy Grail War during Fate zero, the Einzbern clan summoned Angra, mistaking him for the evil deity of the Zoroastrian faith. After Angra’s defeat, her soul was taken by the wish-granting Holy Grail, who answered the prayers of Angra’s torturers and turned her into All The World’s Evil. The little that was left of Angra was gone and, as the evil became literal, it corrupted the Grail and changed Destiny history forever.

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